Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It's a.....

To say we were excited to see the positive on the pregnancy test would be an understatement. Well, for me anyway. I have definitely been overjoyed to experience pregnancy again. The kids are excited to have a sibling on the way as well. 

Since finding out we are expecting, we have had a couple of ultrasounds, so that we could see our little Decker. The first was of course to verify the pregnancy and see how far along we were at the time, which happened to be about 7 weeks. 

7wks 2days

Of course when you see babies at that gestation, they look a little alien like. :) I think baby Decker looked pretty cute though! I'm bias of course!  

Our second ultrasound was closer to 20 weeks and was to determine gender and get all of baby Decker's measurements to make sure they were growing right. 

19wks, almost 20wks 

Once again, a bias mommy here, but I think baby Decker is pretty darn cute! Look at that profile. Baby was all stretched out too, and had their feet pushing up against my bladder. Little stinker!! 

I'm not sure if we will get to see our little one again before they arrive, but I can tell you this, we do know that Baby Decker is a Baby GIRL!! 

She was not very cooperative at first, so we couldn't see what she was until I finally asked the tech if she knew the gender of the baby. She said, "oh yes, I knew right away." I was like, "um, okay, then what are we having??!! " (Seriously, I HAD to know!) And when she said GIRL, I was overjoyed. Keith and I had been hoping this baby was a girl... of course we would be happy with a boy, and had a name we loved picked out for a boy too, but we had that hope for a girl first. :) We have decided to name her Lena. Lena was a great great aunt of mine on my mother's side. I had forgotten about her since I was so young when she passed, but my mother reminded me when I told her I loved the name Lena. It worked out perfectly. 

We have already begun little Lena's nursery, and it is coming along quite well. I am almost 26 weeks and have been feeling great! We have been working on the baby registry and gathering things for her room. I am making most of the decorations, which I will be sure to share with you as they are hung up in the room. 

Thanks for sharing in this journey with us!! 

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Brianna Lynn said...

oh dear friend, I am so excited for you, and so happy that you got a little girl of your dreams ! i hope the remaining weeks fly by for you!!

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