Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Doing it for Me

 As someone who has suffered from depression, I've had to find ways to handle it and handle the anxiety I also can get. It's not easy. In the past I haven't handled it nor myself well. Medicine helped me for a while, talking to someone as well, but nothing fully helped and made me feel, well, normal. As normal as one can get anyway, right? 

On my quest to get healthy before becoming pregnant with my third child, I not only quit smoking (cold turkey) but I started hiking with my husband and taking walks around our neighborhood every morning. My focus moved from wanting that next smoke or wanting to eat to really enjoying being out in nature and taking everything in. I was also healing my body and mind without fully realizing it. 

The more we hiked, the better I felt and less I had anxiety attacks, panic attacks or felt down about, well, anything really. Hiking and spending time outdoors became something I needed to do, almost like a therapy. When I didn't or don't get outside for several hikes a week, or some walks, I get crabby and irritated. Just ask my husband. 

I do it all for me first and foremost. My kids get the benefits and an appreciation as a bonus. Maybe it's selfish, but I feel it's a good kind of selfish in this case. This prevents me from needing medicine or more therapy currently. If I should need it again, I will cross that bridge when I get there. For now, I'm enjoying the ride, the outdoors, hiking, better health, my family, friends I'm meeting on this journey and all that this earth has to offer me while I'm still here. 

Why do you do it? 

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